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CWEE Stories

Since 1982 CWEE has supported 16,000 career seekers, whose success has benefited their children and created a powerful generational impact that ripples across our entire community.

The best way to tell the story of CWEE’s 40-year history is in the stories of our career seekers.

The stories on this page reflect the hard work, grit and perseverance that characterize the incredible people who have passed through our doors over the last four decades.

That Special CWEE Sauce

Miss Novella has been with CWEE for almost all of our 40-year history.

Her deep compassion enables Novella to see potential in people when they may not even see it themselves. Her steadfast belief in CWEE’s participants, and deep respect for the wisdom and skills that our participants already have, is what has made Miss Novella an unforgettable teacher for so many.

Our participants report that there is just something special about being at CWEE, a powerful vibe that Novella exudes that makes you feel supported, valued and capable. That’s the CWEE “special sauce” and it’s about how this team approaches our work, from a deeply compassionate and strengths-based perspective.


Meet Our Alumni

Finding Confidence and Getting Unstuck: Akoi's Story

“CWEE has helped me grow professionally but they also helped me be mindful, share my thoughts, be more open, enjoy the present moment, and be forgiving of your past.”

Akoi's Story
From Cleaning Offices to Managing Them: Rosita's Story

“There are a lot of people out there that need that same little push that CWEE gave me.”

Rosita's Story
Phase Two of a Great Career: Julia's Story

“A lot of organizations can teach you to write a resume but CWEE has this knack of meeting people where they are and helping people believe in themselves again. Because if you don’t believe you deserve the job, no matter what anyone else says it’s not going to happen.”

Julia's Story
Life-Changing Power of Employment: Shannon's Story

“As a young single mother who came to CWEE when my daughter was 15 months old, with no idea of what I planned to do with my life, CWEE helped me get back on track and find employment that changed my life.”

Shannon's Story
Career Seeker to CWEE Leader: Michelle's Story

“CWEE’s program helped me to realize that it’s OK to love me, that I was good enough, that my circumstances didn’t define me. I learned to believe in myself.”

Michelle's Story
Building Confidence & Community: Natasha's Story

“For me CWEE is a place where I belong, it’s like another family. It’s been a place where I have grown up a lot. From learning about yourself to developing different skills, networking, it was awesome.”

Natasha's Story
Support Across the Years: Gemma's Story

From the tragedy of losing two great grandparents to nursing home abuse and neglect, Gemma discovered her passion for providing safe, high-quality care for seniors.

For 10 years, Gemma has looked to CWEE periodically for support along her path to licensure and a leadership role at a major skilled long-term nursing home.

Gemma's Story
Meeting Every Challenge: Asia's Story

At CWEE Asia earned computer certifications and completed her high school equivalency. She used her new credentials — and the job prep support and connections from CWEE — to launch her career with Denver Human Services.

Working in human services has been a lifelong goal. “It comes from being in the system my whole life. When I came to CWEE I knew I wanted to give back and work in human services — I just had no idea how to get there.”

Asia's Story
Coming Back from the Brink: Jessica's Story

Jessica’s remarkable personal and professional accomplishments have been hard-fought. She hopes that her courage in telling her own comeback story might inspire others.

Jessica’s story is one of incredible determination to turn her life around and build a stable, fulfilling life for herself and her children.

Jessica's Story
Rediscovering Self-Confidence: Anastasia's Story

Anastasia came to CWEE as she was leaving an abusive relationship with a man who didn’t allow her to work or have friends. Not only that but she had been out of the job market for years. As a single mom to two small children, where could she begin?

The answer, as it turns out, was with computer certifications at CWEE. Those first steps into the world of computers inspired Anastasia’s career. She now works as a software engineer for Ball Aerospace.

Anastasia's Story