Education Pathways

With CWEE’s support, our career seekers can earn their high school equivalency and move on to employment, vocational training and higher education. Whatever your career goals, our navigation team can help you identify the education pathway to get you there.

For all of our educational pathway programs, CWEE provides individual case management and retention support to help you succeed.

High School Equivalency

CWEE offers support to help participants prepare for and pass the tests to earn their high school equivalency, such as the GED. Participants in CWEE’s high school equivalency program must test at a 6th grade proficiency level.

Adult Basic Education

For participants who are looking to boost their reading and math skills, CWEE offers adult basic education services to boost literacy and numeracy. Once participants have gained these skills, many move on to our high school equivalency program.

Vocation Training & Higher Ed

CWEE supports our participants to enroll in vocational training and higher education programs to advance their career goals. We can even help you pay for tuition-based programs.


For more information about any of CWEE’s educational pathway programs, please contact our Program Team at