Support Professional Development

CWEE depends on our employer partners and volunteers to help support the professional development and career advancement of our participants.

By hosting interns, conducting mock interviews and providing feedback, reviewing participant resumes and networking, volunteers are a key ingredient in CWEE’s recipe to prepare workers for success in employment. Volunteers don’t have to be employers, but hiring experience is desired.

Here are some of the ways that employer partners and volunteers support our participants’ learning and advancement.

Host a CWEE Intern

Upon completion of CWEE’s career readiness training program, participants can engage in a 12-week internship program. Internships are customized to fit the needs of each business, and CWEE works with employer partners to design internship opportunities that are mutually beneficial for our participants and your company.

The CWEE internship program is a great way to identify and pre-screen qualified entry-level candidates for full-time, permanent employment. There’s no risk or financial requirement during the trial period of the internship, and employers are under no obligation to hire interns.

Internships are part-time, unpaid and allow CWEE participants to access workplace-based training and professional experience to apply their skills, build their confidence and professional references.

Conduct Mock Interviews

Employer partners and volunteers help prepare CWEE participants for success in the interview process by offering their time to conduct mock interviews and provide feedback and coaching to sharpen interviewing skills. Mock interviews may occur in person, by phone or over video conference.

Resume Support

CWEE’s volunteers offer their time to review the resumes of our participants to help them improve their presentation to prospective employers.

Volunteers provide 1:1 support to a cohort of career seekers who have recently completed a Resume class.  Volunteers assist participants through the process of preparing a resume for employment, including providing feedback on formatting, content, and coaching on transferrable skills that align with their desired position or career path. Resume support takes place in person at CWEE.

Professional Connections: Quarterly Networking Event

To help participants practice networking skills and expand their professional contacts, CWEE has traditionally held quarterly, in-person networking events.