Retention Support for New Hires

Employment retention is a primary focus for CWEE: Once a participant is placed in employment, our work with that individual, and their employer, continues.

CWEE’s work extends far beyond job placement. We work to ensure that the career seekers we help to place in employment have what they need to thrive and succeed at work over the long term.

During the first year of employment, CWEE offers intensive retention support services to our alumni who are employed. Through scheduled check-ins, skill-building workshops, educational opportunities, and connections to resources, CWEE supports a successful transition into long-term employment.

We also work during the first year with the employer and are able to work proactively to address any issues or concerns that arise with the employee. If a worker is struggling with challenges to maintaining their employment, such as child care or transportation, CWEE is often able to help address these issues to ensure a successful placement.

Where additional skill building is needed to ensure a good fit with your company, CWEE is able to provide the employee with additional upskilling, coaching and training support during the first year of employment and beyond.