Technology Learning Leads in CWEE’s New Virtual Training

Over the past three months, CWEE has been working to adjust our program operations to align with our strategic plan and to meet the increased need for career readiness training caused by the recession and COVID-19.

CWEE has pivoted our operations and service delivery to a virtual model to find even more effective ways of supporting our more than 500 participants through online career training, access to technology, and digital literacy support.

Technology is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have.
CWEE has adapted our career readiness classes for online delivery, while enhancing digital literacy instruction. We have also incorporated direct support for computer equipment and broadband access. To date, CWEE has provided nearly 100 laptops to participants.

Virtual delivery expands access to training while retaining individualized support.
CWEE’s online courses are accessible 24/7 to align with the times that parents are able to focus without interruption. Each participant is connected to a CWEE support team, including a Career Advisor, TANF Specialist, and coaches on the virtual program and employment services teams.

CWEE’s commitment to helping people prepare for, find, and maintain quality employment remains steadfast.

These changes to our program will help CWEE meet the increasing demand for our services, connect career seekers to new employment opportunities, and support workers whose jobs were impacted by COVID-19.