Program Partners

Arapahoe County Department of Human Services

CWEE serves as one of two contractors that provide workforce training, case management, and employment services to individuals who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).


Bright by Three

Bright by Three (BB3) provides educational kits on parenting, health and literacy, and childhood development which include resources, books and tools for our participants to enhance their child’s learning and developmental growth. Bright by Three received CWEE’s Community Collaborative Partner of the Year award in 2015.


Denver Food Rescue

Since spring of 2016, CWEE has become excess food drop-off site receiving healthy food donations from the Denver Food Rescue for our participants and their families.


Denver Rescue Mission

Through a partnership with Denver Rescue Mission’s Vehicle Donation program, CWEE established Wheels to Work, an opportunity for CWEE program participants to receive a donated car to strengthen their access to transportation; a well-known barrier to finding and maintaining employment. Thus far in 2017, two vehicles have been provided to CWEE participants each month through the Wheels to Work program.


Educational Opportunity Center (EOC)

Educational Opportunity Centers (EOCs) provide equal access and assistance in identifying, enrolling and paying for higher education.  Regularly scheduled group workshops are provided to our participants who plan to continue their education.  Individual services are provided for participants in understanding and applying for financial aid, completing applications, or exploring career opportunities.


Energy Outreach Colorado

Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) provides educational resources in energy efficiency and assistance to CWEE participants and alumni who are at risk of having their utilities turned off due to financial difficulties.  CWEE has been a recipient of EOC’s Energy Assistance program since 2013.


Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) brings hands-on, interactive classes that teach our participants healthy behaviors around diet, physical activity, food safety and preparation as well as resource management.  In September 2016, EFNEP expanded their offerings to include evidence-based, nutrition education and healthy lifestyles curriculum specific to pregnant women and parents of newborns.


Food Bank of the Rockies

The Food Bank of the Rockies donates high-quality and nutritious food items that CWEE provides to our participants as a breakfast and light snack each day during the training program. These foods help to keep our students fed and engaged in their learning.


Griffith Centers for Children, Chins Up

Griffith Centers  for Children, Chins Up provides open discussions on safe and effective parenting practices through the Nurturing Parenting Program.



Through our partnership with Bank on Denver, KeyBank provides CWEE’s participants with regularly scheduled workshops on a wide array of financial literacy topics.  Individual outreach is provided for those that have additional questions or want to set up bank accounts.


The Learning Source

CWEE partners with The Learning Source to offer educational opportunities for adults and families to support their future achievements.  Education pathway students receive adult basic education instruction grounded in workplace math and literacy skills, High School Equivalency (i.e. GED) test preparation with volunteer tutor support, individualized coaching towards their unique educational goals as well as pathways to higher education.



mpowered provides individual coaching to help our participants make informed financial decisions and achieve their personal definition of financial success.  CWEE is an official financial empowerment site that hosts an mpowered employee on-site.



A 6-week program created by the University of Denver and Denver Health for pregnant women who are receiving prenatal care services in the Denver Health system. The program is focused on healthy relationships, infant care and parenting and includes comprehensive case management services, access to community series such as mental health services and workforce development training and counseling.


No Place Like Home 5280

CWEE is partnering with No Place Like Home 5280 to transform homes of families emerging from homelessness or unstable housing situations by providing quality donated furniture and home goods to turn residences into comfortable homes.


Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood provides regular, ongoing classes to our participants on how to effectively talk to their children about sex and sexuality.  Planned Parenthood also provides affordable childbirth education classes to our soon-to-be moms.


ResCare Denver Workforce Services

Denver Workforce Services serves as a comprehensive employment and training resource for employers, job seekers, TANF recipients, veterans, and youth throughout Denver. CWEE partners with ResCare on available funding for short-term training opportunities as well as on-the-job training opportunities for participant and employers.


SafeHouse Denver

SafeHouse Denver provides regularly scheduled workshops to help our participants understand the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships.  The training emphasizes individual choice, responsibility for individual behavior, assertiveness and recognizing the warning signs of abusive relationships.  Participants are able to access individual counseling and referral services as well as SafeHouse Denver’s 24-hour crisis line. SafeHouse Denver received CWEE’s community partner of the year award in 2013.


Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters

Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters provide a mock grocery tour that teaches participants different tips and strategies to save money at the grocery store while eating healthily.  Upon completion of the workshop, Share Our Strength’s provides each participant with a gift card, a reusable grocery bag and a recipe book full of great healthy eating tips.


Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

Empowering people and organizations to succeed across languages and cultures by providing translation services to CWEE.


Tri-County Health Department

CWEE partners with Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) to provide support and resources to pregnant participants and those who have a baby less than six months of age through the Nurse Support Program.  TCHD nurses conduct regularly scheduled workshops at CWEE on topics such as: parenting, nutrition, pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted infections.  Tri-County’s Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program also provides trainings and resources for our participants on healthy behaviors for individuals and families.



Upskill, a program of WorkLife Partnership, is a benefit for employees and employers alike. By proactively investing resources into their existing workforce, companies can increase employee skills, satisfaction, and retention. This translates to a happier, more productive workforce and decreased company expenditure on staff recruitment and training. Program offerings include access to educational and job skill training and interpersonal and professional skills coaching.



9to5 provides ongoing, regular training to CWEE participants on advocacy issues and employee rights in the workplace. 9to5 was awarded our Outstanding Community Partner award in 2016.



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