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Want to put your philanthropic support behind an industry leader in workforce development? Through its comprehensive Career Readiness Program, CWEE annually transitions over 300 low-income, single parents off of welfare and into self-supporting employment.


CWEE seeks champions who understand the critical importance of shifting families out of generational poverty and into self-sufficiency.


CWEE is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Denver- a Denver Enterprise Zone. Donations of $250 or more annually qualify for a 25% Denver Enterprise Zone tax credit.


Here are some examples of how different donations helps CWEE participants:


$3,500 sponsors one participant’s complete 3-6 month transition from welfare into the workforce


$1,000 provides full certification in the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, Word, Power point)


$400 certifies one participant in keyboarding skills (computer functions, typing speed and accuracy) or pays for one high school equivalency GED test


$100 provides a workshop on appearance management and a visit to CWEE’s First Impressions Boutique for a complete professional outfit with shoes, purse and jewelry accessories


$50 pays for one participant’s public transportation to and from classes at CWEE


$25 provides a participant with a complete CWEE Interview Toolkit: a professional folio, business cards, resumes, cover letters and thank you cards

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