Chief Executive Officer Title: Chief Executive Officer Reports To: Board of Directors Location: Denver, CO MISSION CWEE fosters personal and professional transformation for low-income, single parent families, through confidence building, customized skills training, and career advancement. THE OPPORTUNITY CWEE has a 35 year history of moving participants along the path to self- sufficiency and employment success. Participants define success that is authentic to each person’s goals and needs, and not based upon measures defined by outside entities. Today, CWEE provides high-quality programs and services to participants using the organization’s core strengths of case management, training and employment services. The goal is to expand programs and serve more individuals from different populations, not only those recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The CEO will work collaboratively with the Board of Directors and staff, to accelerate progress on CWEE’s mission and to establish the organization’s future strategies and long-term outcomes. Over the next three years CWEE’s priorities include: Increase impact and attract resources by advocating for CWEE’s mission to donors, policy makers, government officials, partners, and stakeholders. Develop and promote an entrepreneurial spirit at all levels of the organization, to successfully serve new audiences, enhance programs and ensure that participants receive optimal opportunities to build a self-supporting life. Build organizational capacity and cultivate CWEE’s human capital (Board, Staff and Volunteers) to advance effective programs and continue exceptional service for all participants. Create a sustainable business model that includes diversified, sustainable and unrestricted revenue sources. CANDIDATE PROFILE: CWEE seeks a leader who is passionate about serving Colorado families living in poverty. This individual wants to support program participants on their unique, individual journey to achieve self-sufficiency and employment success. This person will be a tireless advocate for CWEE’s mission and impact, and will inspire others to support the organization, its staff, volunteers and participants’ success. This CEO will commit to building a diverse staff inclusive of many different backgrounds, identities and philosophies. Candidates must demonstrate experience in organizational management and leadership. The ideal candidate has the ability to build and nurture a culture that is grounded in a shared vision, fosters vibrant team work, supports mutual respect and is unrelenting in its pursuit of quality. Key skills and attributes include: Leadership and Vision. Provides inspiration, leadership and support to the Board, staff, volunteers, donors, stakeholders and other constituents in fostering personal and professional transformation for low-income families. This is a high profile, high energy position, requiring a dynamic individual who will motivate others to support CWEE’s outcomes. Relationships. Builds effective and lasting relationships that translate into successful collaborations, impactful partnerships and fundraising results. Delivers excellence through personal accountability, motivation and engagement. Demonstrates political acumen and comfort with complexity and ambiguity. Sustainability. Runs a fiscally viable institution and coaches a strong management team that executes the strategic plan to grow CWEE’s impact. Establishes metrics for operating results and financial performance as well as for achieving balanced growth across all of the organization’s components and functions. Is accountable for the organization’s results and sets high ethical standards for all programs and services. Philanthropy. Develops an organizational culture of philanthropy in collaboration with a Board and staff. Understands the dynamics of effective fundraising programs. Builds durable relationships with funders and donors. Governance. Understands nonprofit governance and has the skill to support the Board’s development as CWEE’s strategic governing body. Frames issues for Board review, discussion, input and action. Advocates for the Board’s development, evaluation and performance. Advocacy. Influences policy makers and policy as an advocate for systemic change. Committed to understanding and addressing the root causes of poverty. Communications. Media savvy. Experienced spokesperson who will elevate an organization’s presence and brand. Enjoys public speaking opportunities with the media, policymakers and a broad range of constituents. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Oversees development and implementation of the organization’s strategic plans. These plans will define the future direction of CWEE and its impact. Assures coordination and alignment of all CWEE services, activities, initiatives and programs. Establishes metrics for performance on external relations, program objectives, financial results and the diversification of revenue sources. Is responsible for CWEE’s annual operating results and financial performance. Assesses organizational capacity to implement strategies, identifies gaps in systems and staffing, and develops plans for correction, contingency and succession; anticipates factors accelerating or impacting success. Works to strengthen and grow the human capital of this organization, through ongoing staff and volunteer development. Recruits, develops and rewards a strong and effective management team. Builds the bench strength of the organization and creates succession opportunities for staff. Manages, coaches and mentors the senior staff. Supports the Board’s development as the strategic, governing body for CWEE. Identifies and develops issues for Board review, discussion, input and action. Helps the Board maintain an effective nominating process, and provides thorough orientation for new Board members. Advocates and supports the Board’s self-study, evaluation and performance. Builds, maintains, and leverages relationships with diverse constituents, including: individuals, corporations, donors, elected officials, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations. Elevates the organization’s presence and image in Colorado. Spokesperson who will serve as CWEE’s public face representing the organization to the media, policy makers, partners and a broad range of constituents. Demonstrates outstanding written and oral communication skills. Maintains stewardship and accountability for the organization’s overall operational, ethical, and fiduciary integrity, within the guidelines and policies set by the Board and applicable laws and/or regulations. QUALIFICATIONS: This individual will demonstrate a career path of progressive leadership experience in the nonprofit, corporate and/or government sectors. S/He has experience leading and directing complex organizations with varied internal and diverse external constituencies. S/He will have a background that includes high-level decision-making and implementing best organizational practices. This individual is results-oriented and will demonstrate success in operating a sustainable organization. This executive has experience mentoring teams, and refining structures and systems to support an organization’s operating results. The successful candidate has experience building durable relationships with partners, policy-makers, donors, stakeholders and constituencies. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university is required. TO APPLY: Please send a current resume and letter of introduction on or before November 10, 2017, to Kittleman & Associates, LLC at https://www.kittlemansearch.com/center-for-work-education-and-employment/ CWEE is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Minorities and individuals dedicated to diversity and multiculturalism are encouraged to