Career Retention Services

CWEE strives to ensure that participants who enter employment retain employment long-term.


During the first year of employment, CWEE offers intensive retention support services, to both the participant and employer, through scheduled check-ins, workshops, and post-employment financial and educational support.


Cliff Effect

Post-employment support is provided to participants to mitigate the impacts of the cliff effect. Many of CWEE's participants who gain employment experience the cliff effect, which occurs when a family's earnings increase and they become ineligible for public assistance, resulting in a decrease in the family's financial stability. This loss in income is often the cause of families ending employment and returning to public assistance.


Steps to Success Program

CWEE strives to mitigate the cliff effect and increase employment retention by providing incentive-based retention programming to our participants through Steps to Success. Each year, a select group of participants who have gained employment, are selected to participate in CWEE’s Steps to Success program. They receive professional financial support such as budgeting and money management coaching coupled with earnings supplements in months three, four, and five of full-time employment. This program helps individuals during their transition off of public assistance, offsetting some of the dramatic decreases in income that often accompany raises in wages, mitigating the cliff effect and lessening the potential of welfare recidivism.


Steps to Success began as a pilot project. Since the pilot project has been active, the first three cohorts have experienced impressive results. Eighty-six percent of individuals in this program retained employment for more than six months, compared with 55% of overall participants. Based on the proven success of this program, CWEE is working to expand this program and make it a permanent part of the comprehensive career services program.


Alumni Services

CWEE provides ongoing support to past program participants by connecting individuals to community resources, training and career coaching. If you’re an alumni and would like to reconnect, please contact your former case manager or our front desk at 303.892.8444.


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